Other English Teachers

  • Linda Ross - Profile Image Zain Javed From: UK

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  • Linda Ross - Profile Image Karina Tolmacheva From: USA

    Karina has been teaching and training for 5 years. The field of her expertise covers critical reading, writing and speaking in English, public speech and intercultural communication with the focus on English speaking cultures. She has a C2+ level of English and is eager to work with students of all levels and cultural backgrounds

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  • Linda Ross - Profile Image Daniel Joyner From: USA

    I love science, logic, and reasoning, so I typically tie my lesson plans to contemporary science in various fields as well as current events.  Feedback is key to understanding and progress in learning, so expect constructive feedback from me.  I enjoy educational videos, and TED talks on learning and language which I may also incorporate into my lessons from time to time.  I look forward to working with you!

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